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Microsoft unveils the Surface Pro 3

 2014 may 21, Microsoft took the wraps off its third-generation Surface device on May 20 in New York City.

Microsoft SurfaceThe device, dubbed the Surface Pro 3, is a 12-inch Intel Core i7-based device with a 2160 X 1440 resolution.  It has a 3X2 aspect ratio, is .36 inches thick and weighs 800 grams (without the keyboard).

Microsoft is marketing the Pro 3 as “the tablet that can replace your laptop.”

Microsoft has played up its first two generations of Surface as devices that bridge consumption and creation, and can work as both tablets and laptops. At today’s announcement, Surface chief Panos Panay made sure to drive home that message.

A pen also is a key element of Microsoft’s pitch for these next-generation devices. A button on the end of the pen allows users to open OneNote automatically with a press. The new kickstand on the device has a new “canvas mode” angle (of 150 degrees) that is meant to improve “lapability.”

There will be a docking station and new type covers in a variety of colors for the Surface 3. The track pads on the new keyboards are larger and better for scrolling, Panay said.

The Surface Pro 3 will come in three versions: Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7. They will be available for preorder starting on May 21 and will start at $799.

We don’t have information yet on when shipment will begin and in which countries they will be available, nor on the pricing of the keyboards and pens.  By Mary Jo Foley for All About Microsoft